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Struttmann Consulting is a global management consulting company that helps mining industry clients maximize profitability by significantly improving asset utilization and efficiency, increasing capacity without additional capital, and reducing production costs.

Who we serve

Mining Companies & Mining Contractors. Lower your marginal cost of production with our customized solutions that increase asset utilization and reduce your capital expenditures. To help you scale across multiple operations, we provide in-depth analyses to identify the right KPI’s and performance management tools to ensure you replicate best practice.

Emerging Mining Companies & Greenfield Projects. To put you on the road to success, we use our mining industry expertise to design services and support infrastructure based on industry best practice. This way, your organization starts off with optimized production and supply platforms that deliver continuous predictable results.

Financial Institutions. Our unbiased evaluations of key operating and cost assumptions enable you to make informed decisions about target mining investments. When operations are in the production stage, we can troubleshoot and implement solutions to get performance back on track.

struttman consulting
Latest News

August 2014
Eye on Business
Plan the work, plan for change

By Thomas Struttman

An effective operational plan ensures companies can set important goals and make short- and long-term planning decisions about how to efficiently extract their commodities, and process and sell them. Designing a sound operational plan is no small feat, though. Industry-wide, roughly 40 per cent of mining operations regularly miss their market guidance. The level of complexity involved in effectively managing one site is often compounded when companies must duplicate these processes across as many as 20 sites worldwide. Moreover, the technical nature of the mining business necessitates that engineers and planners produce the operating plan. When corporate managers receive it, they fail to understand the technical components, and as a result they produce financial metrics that do not fully align with reality on the ground. Read More >


November 2013
Eye on Business
Approaches to lowering mining’s cost curve

By Thomas Struttman

Between 2009 and 2012, mining companies increased their capital spending from $58 billion to more than $120 billion. Yet, return on capital, having peaked in 2006 at 23 per cent, dwindled during this period, falling to less than eight per cent by 2012. This decline can be attributed to a range of factors, including lower commodity prices, record capital spending, project cost overruns and a focus on growth. Unfortunately, the outcome is many mining companies have been left with large writedowns, increased debt-to-equity ratios, and lowered returns. Read More >

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