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Expand Revenues and EBITDA: Organizational Alignment

Ideally, your mining company runs both smoothly and optimally. To achieve this goal, it is vital to implement “standards of optimization” so no one wastes valuable time on solving the same problems over and over again. We can review your project or operating portfolio and help you implement continuous improvement systems. This way, your business units not only institute best practice, they replicate them over time. Our organizational alignment tools will enable you to achieve world-class operating performance and get results that cascade all the way up to earnings.

  Strategic Alliance Development
  Performance Management






Strategic Alliance Development
By forming close working relationships with key suppliers, you can substantially reduce your risk and lower your marginal costs. You can also increase your competitive advantage because strategic alliances provide you with access to insider knowledge and cutting-edge innovations. To ensure your strategic alliances help you reduce cost, eliminate waste, and achieve higher levels of utilization, we work with you to:

Define your vision for future business growth
Select mining partners with the best organizational synergy
Map the value of your plan, including efficiency improvements and total cost savings
Define clear project roles and responsibilities to eliminate duplication and waste
Implement the best systems to monitor project performance so that the project attains its goals

Performance Management
Our team uses cost modeling, KPIs, and gap analysis to determine the obstacles that are impacting your bottom line. Then, we target a number of barriers to growth and provide plans for overcoming them. These are some of the organizational alignment tools we can customize for your unique business:

KPI’s, metrics, dashboards, alerts and analytical/decision tools
Operational and unit cost modeling and forecasting
Sensitivity modeling (resource to metal)
Performance centerlines
Road map to next generation unit cost performance (from benchmarking to gap analysis)
Culture/change management
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