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Reduce Costs: Operating Expenditures (OPEX)

Fluctuating market conditions impact your bottom line. To consistently maintain a low unit cost, you need to streamline your mining operations and minimize overhead. Many mining companies discover that identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in their operating expenditures is a challenging task. Our team can evaluate all aspects of your support infrastructure to help you achieve your production and revenue goals. Where there are gaps, we can help you create the infrastructure to close them.

  Equipment Management Evaluation
  Materials Management Evaluation
  Energy Management Evaluation





Equipment Management Evaluation
To meet your production goals, your equipment must be consistently available and reliable. Ideally, you want to minimize breakdowns and idle time while increasing your online capacity. Our equipment management evaluation report will help you implement a strategy for reducing overall costs and extending the useful life of your assets through their entire lifecycle—from purchase to disposal. We provide detailed equipment analyses that cover:

Strategy – Asset life cycle, operating cost and availability goals, metrics and vendor services design (insource-outsource, MARC)
Planning – Scheduling work based on operating time, mine production schedules, service backlog, and other condition-based parameters, parts ordering, labor scheduling, budgeting for long-term planning
Execution –Delivering cost-effective capacity to operations, implementing strategy and planning, innovation and continuous improvement

Materials Management Evaluation
Having the right materials on-hand at the precise moment they are needed ensures your business runs with minimal unscheduled downtime. Our team uses mining industry expertise to analyze each step of your materials management and supply chain. Then, we apply best practice to eliminate waste and duplication. Our improvement recommendations will help you implement continuous improvement strategies for:

Inventory management and warehousing
Planning and logistics
Wear system management
Fuel, oil, and tire programs
Strategic sourcing and alliances

Energy Management Evaluation
In order to eliminate waste, it is important to reduce your total energy consumption. During our energy management evaluation, we review your consumption rates and identify areas for improvement. The goal is to enable you to manage your peak loads while maintaining your output levels. We assess:

Power consumption – Crushers, grinding, conveying
Fuel management – Waste, monitoring and trending, mine plan design, supply agreements, quality

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