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Grow Strategically: Mergers & Acquisitions

By utilizing analysis and assessment procedures throughout the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process, you can ensure your investment is sound and that it realizes its full potential. Struttmann Consulting provides technical advisory consulting services to funders, buyers, and sellers to develop and implement plans that maximize value.

  Technical and Operational Due Diligence
  Capital Planning
  Deal Optimization Planning
  Integration Planning







Technical and Operational Due Diligence
Independent evaluations of a targeted investment’s technical capabilities ensure mining boards and special committees arrive at an informed decision. Our high degree of hands-on expertise ensures that we are fully prepared to assess and quantify all existing assets, such as equipment, personnel, and mining supply chain support. Our technical and operational due diligence services include assessments for:

Personnel capabilities
Production rates, mining costs, and asset utilization rates
Asset conditions
Maintenance strategy
Mining supply chain design
Management systems (planning, budgeting, review, and reporting)
Operating risks

Capital Planning
When undertaking major financial transactions, mining directors and officers need to understand the underlying health of the target investment to better manage transaction risk. Struttmann Consulting’s valuation services focus on analyzing the underlying health of the target company to increase the likelihood of the deal achieving its objectives. Our team can develop an unbiased assessment of the capital required to support successful operation of the target mining company:

Fixed assets and mobile equipment
Asset management plan
Mining equipment life cycle strategy
Owning, leasing, and renting alternatives
Sensitivity analysis of timing for replacement

Deal Optimization Planning
In order to successfully integrate operations and reach the maximum value of a transaction, it is important to get a clear view of the opportunities for operational improvement and synergies. Prior to organizational integration, our mining consulting team can review the results of the technical and operational due diligence phase and compare them to world-class benchmarks. By performing a gap analysis we can evaluate opportunities and estimate the value of potential improvements. This way, efforts toward optimization can begin early. We identify a matrix of improvement opportunities in:

Organizational structure
Management systems
Support infrastructure design
Production rates, mining cost, asset utilization
Benchmark, gap analysis
Validation and confirmation with executive management teams

Integration Planning
To achieve a deal’s full investment value, newly acquired companies need to focus on implementing the key initiatives for restructuring and planning identified in the deal optimization phase. Our mining consulting team can assist you by planning, launching, and managing the transition process in a prioritized fashion. This process encompasses:

The first 100 days
Organizational planning
Optimization road map



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