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Expand Revenues and EBITDA: Core Process Improvement

core process
When you analyze your processes and implement streamlined solutions, you can improve productivity rates, increase your quality, and reduce your costs—all while supporting the achievement of your strategic goals. Through core process improvement, mining companies become faster, more competitive, and adaptable to change.

  Contract/Client Evaluation
  Production Planning Evaluation
  Supply Chain Evaluation









Contract/Client Evaluation
Once you have won a mining project, it is important to design flexible contracts to maximize outputs with built-in rewards for achieving performance targets. Contracts should also allow for an adequate margin of risk. Struttmann Consulting can evaluate your mining contracts to ensure you create a beneficial earnings environment that locks down above average returns. We can help you structure agreements that ensure your success for these key factors:

Low cost structure to achieve growth goals
Above-average client strength and low cost deposits
Adequate margin for risk, built-in upside for mining performance achievements
Protection for changes in conditions, a lead on key drivers (such as mine planning)
Rise and fall mechanisms for key cost inputs

Production Planning Evaluation
In order to optimize your capacity, you need to understand the internal communications barriers that prevent your teams from coordinating their efforts. We can evaluate your mine production schedules to identify problematic issues. Then, we will compare your processes to best practice, perform a gaps analysis, and make recommendations for improvement. Our production systems evaluation services help you:

Optimize weekly mining production schedules
Integrate maintenance planning
Plan for major component replacements

Supply Chain Integration & Evaluation
Mining supply chains are complex and a challenge to manage. In order to reduce costs while still achieving your operational goals, every part of your supply chain must be highly functional and synchronized. Scheduling equipment maintenance in advance with your vendors can significantly decrease your equipment downtime and expand margins. We apply our minining industry expertise to analyze each step of your supply chain and apply best practice to eliminate waste and duplication. During our supply chain evaluation we review your:

Sourcing strategies (insource, outsource, or hybrid)
Inventory and demand management plan
Logistics planning and vendor interfaces
Strategic sourcing (access to innovation, knowledge, best practice, joint objectives, organization alignment)
Supplier integration and performance measurements
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