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Reduce Costs

Client Challenge 102
A copper and gold producer’s most important asset was not meeting its targets. Equipment utilization was at less than 50% and operating costs were almost double those of its competitor. The manufacturer, mine, and dealer all struggled to close gaps.

Client Challenge 104
A major gold producer needed to achieve stakeholder buy-in for a contract renewal from 10 companies participating in a global mining strategic alliance. Over the course of the project, the agreement had lost its momentum and local engagement had become weak. There was a strong risk that the contract would not be renewed.

Expand Revenue & EBITDA

Client Challenge 110
A spun-off regional gold company was trying to cope with an extremely high cost structure, an aging equipment fleet with a utilization rate of less than 50%, and excessive inventory levels. The new company’s management team was tasked with focusing the organization or face closure.

Client Challenge 115
A gold producer wanted to accelerate operating performance because the company was not achieving operating goals. In order for the producer to pursue a strategy for growth, it needed a formalized measurement system to capture value and address operational issues.

Client Challenge 106
A mining contractor undertook an initiative to reset his company’s cost structure. Pending CAPEX was unclear and the company was unable to pinpoint priorities for operations improvements. Additionally, a significant proportion of the company’s assets were unserviceable but not fully depreciated.

Grow Strategically

Client Challenge 111
An energy service company had the opportunity to purchase an engineering/construction company. Management needed to make a quick, informed decision. In order to negotiate the best deal, it was crucial to accurately identify the value of the transaction.

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