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Reduce Costs: Capital Expenditures (CAPEX)

Effective capital spending is a critical lever for increasing shareholder returns. Unfortunately, contract miners and mining companies often progressively lose their influence over project costs as capital projects mature. Our services can decrease your capital expenditures so that projects stay on-target.

  Mine Plan Analysis
  Mine Production Platform Analysis
  Working Capital Analysis





Mine Plan Analysis
Struttmann Consulting routinely assists investors and mining executives with identifying mine-plan cost inefficiencies and the developing practical solutions for savings. We can ensure your mine plan is set-up to achieve maximum asset utilization. We will review your current mine plan and create smart linkages with key points in your value chain. Our analysis reports are geared to identifying fatal flaws or technical deficiencies in your data gathering and systems approach. Our recommendations help advance your project into the next logical stage based on cohesive, achievable, and dependable results. Mine planning analysis addresses three key features of a cost-effective mine:

An accurate geological model that predicts operating results and up-to-date price/cost assumptions
An environmental and permitting plan to ensure production encounters no disruptions
A long-term plan that includes ramp grades, haul road and drainage designs, haul distance, balanced utilization and consistent strip ratios

Mine Production Platform Analysis
While mining companies often start out with optimized production platforms and high productivity rates, as projects mature the bottom line can become deeply impacted by organizational shifts. Changes in operations and personnel can create deeper process shifts that become systemic. Support infrastructure weakness and lack of visibility of key performance drivers translate into progressively lower rates of productivity and missed revenue opportunities.

Struttmann Consulting can review your current platform to maximize the value of your initial investment. We will create ideal timeframes to maximize the life cycle of your assets. We can help you with instituting planning and decision-making protocols and linkages with key vendors to ensure capacity is available when needed. Best practice analysis can ensure your mine company is continually responsive to the changing business environment.

Working Capital Analysis
Throughout the production cycle, fluctuating revenue and expenses can significantly impact your business. If you can forecast your cash flow requirements, you can weather these spikes and dips with relative ease. However, this is a complicated task. Our team can assist you with reducing the working capital invested in your projects to increase your returns. A working capital analysis will help you fine-tune these functions:


Accounts Receivables – Day Sales Outstanding analysis, dispute resolution approach, invoicing processes, the right terms
Accounts Payable – Days Payable Outstanding analysis, vendor terms and conditions, performance management, sourcing strategies
MRO and Maintenance – Stock analysis and maintenance strategies, procurement plans, maintenance strategies
Inventory Management – Demand management, inventory levels and analysis tools, supply chain design, planning and execution
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