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Since 2001, Struttmann Consulting has been working with mining industry clients to help them solve their toughest business challenges. We specialize in analyzing operating portfolios and designing strategic solutions to optimize mining operations and significantly increase profitability. Our logistics, management, and technical evaluations ensure your organization focuses on business drivers that result in superior performance. By identifying the best solutions for each company’s unique situation, we ensure the right resources are allocated for world-class results.

We have extensive global relationships. Our connections with industry thought-leaders around the world ensure we are up-to-date on cutting edge performance strategies.

We provide a fresh perspective. We contribute valuable insights into your key business drivers and provide recommendations for opportunities that have yet to be exploited.

We are scaled for success. Whether you are at the project inception stage or are a global multi-national mining company, we can focus your organization on what matters and ensure project execution.

Key Results
With a well-earned reputation for outstanding, professional service delivery in the mining industry, we have worked for a variety of large- and mid-size companies, including Newmont, Freeport-McMoRan and Caterpillar. Here are some of our accomplishments:


We lead a core team of COOs to negotiate a 10-company agreement for supplies and services valued at $4 billion, including an agreed cost reduction goal of 20% with milestones over 10 years. 
Within 18 months, we achieved dominant market position for our client in one of the largest mining markets in the U.S. This project added $100 million in annual revenue. 
We designed an asset strategy that reduced CAPEX by $100M and lowered operating cost by 15%. Then, we executed a support platform that minimized risk and maximized utilization. 
We formed a strategic alliance that lowered operating costs by 40%, increased utilization by 50%, and increased asset life by 50%. Within 18 months the client achieved $60 million in EBITDA.  
A performance system implementation project lowered a client’s the cash cost per ounce by 25%.  

Global Expertise
Our clients are located around the world in North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. With experience that spans a wide range of projects and cultures, we have an unparalleled understanding of the many variables that contribute to project success. Mining supply chain structures around the world require very different lead times and extensive planning must be done to ensure that supplies are on-hand when needed. Additionally, cultural sensitivities determine how mining projects are rolled-out and continuous improvement is sustained. Regardless of your location, our mining consulting team will ensure your organization focuses on the right business drivers and follows through on project execution.
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