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Expand Revenues and EBITDA: Productivity

Easily the most sensitive lever in your business model, nearly all increases in productivity translate into lower unit costs. Studies have proven that changes in productivity produce 3-5 times the impact to unit cost than lower materials and labor costs. When you increase your total production rate per hour, your bottom line sees the biggest shift. A 10% increase in productivity can improve earnings as much as 50 to 100%.

Struttmann Consulting can evaluate your mining production systems, apply best practice methodologies, and help close your gaps. We will define your unique barriers to greater productivity and help you identify specialized solutions. Here’s a sampling of the questions we might ask during this process:

Are you achieving more than 90% theoretical maximum productivity? Are loading and hauling cue times optimized? Are loads consistent and within technical limits?
Are management systems in place to provide daily feedback on performance? Are constraints well understood? Are management teams empowered to remove them?
Are modern mining production management systems deployed? Are site personnel taking full advantage of the latest in mining technology and fine-tuning schedules to ensure continuous flow of ore with predictable costs?
Are blasting controls built into productivity planning and cost management?



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