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Grow Strategically: New Projects

New projects require a significant amount of capital. In order to raise capital, project details must be gathered and analyzed. Whether you are seeking equipment or project financing, Struttmann Consulting works with your panel of experts to help quantify and assess operating plans and assumptions, management capabilities and systems, and supply chain and production design. Our global knowledge and fact-based objectivity can help you produce an authentic bankable representation to assist in the fundraising process.

  Production Systems Analysis
  Mining Equipment Selection Analysis
  Operational Risk Assessment
  Support Infrastructure Analysis
  Financial Decision Support

Production Systems Analysis
When seeking funding, you must prove you have applied rigor and analysis and rooted your design in best practice. Essentially, you need a good road show with sufficient details to demonstrate to potential funders that your project is feasible. Our mining consulting team can help you achieve this goal. We ensure your project has the right systems in place and that you are using realistic assumptions for cost and productivity. We can:

Analyze your approach to loading and hauling
Assess the technologies to be deployed for measurement, routing, and production
Assess your mining equipment life cycle assumptions
Validate your key model assumptions (utilization, productivity, etc.)

Mining Equipment Selection Analysis
To execute your projects successfully and achieve your production goals, you need to have the right equipment on-hand. Our industry expertise will ensure you plan for the most reliable and predictable outcomes. With an in-depth understanding of equipment design and of the support systems required to keep it running optimally, we can design a customized framework that includes the most important criteria for decision-making success. Decision model elements may include:


Product engineering — Structures, components, operator environment, bucket, bed, wear systems, onboard analytics, safety design
Productivity — Simulation, analysis, estimates, confirmed validation of model assumptions
Operating costs — Component life, repair cycles and strategies, maintenance intervals, environment, energy consumption
Local vendor capabilities — Knowledge, technical resources, rebuild support, logistics, parts, equipment, management capabilities
Manufacturer capabilities — Access to resources and support, innovation, product commitment, experience, results
Life cycle analysis — Repair strategies, physical and economic life, salvage value

Operational Risk Assessment
Understand the risks for all production variables and create a plan for mitigating and managing those risks. Our mining consulting team can create a full operational risk assessment to provide you with a powerful tool in your decision-making arsenal. During an operational risk assessment, we analyze and make recommendations on:

Productivity constraints and risks
System bottlenecks
Fleet utilization
Operating costs
Operations and maintenance management capabilities
Environmental management and permitting strategies
Labor relations and community outreach plans

Support Infrastructure Analysis
Learn whether your selected solution has the best support systems to achieve your optimal production results. Understand whether the best management is in place to handle your project. Make sure you have all repair plans in place to handle the unknowns. This way, potential funders can be sure they will be repaid. We ensure all these factors are in place to minimize investment risk:

Planning capabilities
KPI’s and organizational alignment systems
Maintenance strategy design
Supply chain warehousing and logistics platforms
Strategic sourcing
Key supplier strategies
Site services agreements
Maintenance agreements (MARC) review
Continuous improvement systems

Financial Decision Support
In order to understand the risks and opportunities of your investment, you need to apply rigorous analysis to ensure that the right values are modeled. We provide detailed analysis of a range of economic factors impacting your investment to ensure that you make the best decisions every step of the way. These are our financial decision-making tools:

Sensitivity and cost modeling
Break-even analysis
Lending and off-take agreements
Mining equipment leasing vs. owning
Mining equipment life cycle modeling


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