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The new management team of a gold producer wanted to accelerate operating performance because the company was not achieving operating goals. Lack of accountability and poor visibility of opportunities for improvement contributed to the problem. The producer needed to formalize measurement systems to capture the value and address operational issues to attract new investors so that they could pursue a strategy for growth.

We helped the management team sharpen its improvement efforts by analyzing current metrics and designing key performance indicators. With these tools, management was able to focus on priorities that improved company performance.

Lack of communication, synchronization, and planning between management groups
No system for measuring improvement
Unable to reconcile ounces in the ground with ounces in doré
More than 100 KPIs were being used, which prevented business priorities from being determined

90% reduction in metrics from more than 100 KPIs to a total of 17
30% improvement in cash cost per ounce quantified
23 constraints identified across planning, operations, processes, maintenance, materials, and finance
100% improved visibility of key drivers in the value chain from the geological model to doré
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